We are using gofund me to help start this business. It would men a lot to us if you donated to help fund the startup phase of this business.


Kickstarter(not avaliable yet)

Here at Delta Model Rockets, we are a new business who needs a little help clearing the tower. Help us do that with kickstarter. There you can order products from us months in advance to fund the purchase of materials and other startup costs. Without this kickstarter, we may not be able to become a buissness so this means a lot to us. If you buy our products with kickstarter, the first 25 people get a free DMR drawstring bag, so dont miss out!!

Our Store

Model Rocket Store (Not Avaliable Yet)

This is where you will be able to buy model rockets directly from us.

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Buying our rockets

Our Jupiter rocket was designed with quality and safety in mind. This rocket brings customizability to the table. This rocket was intended for usage of ages 12-70 bringing a fun family experience to all. This rocket is capable of being ordered in different height variants so if you want a big rocket, you can get a big rocket and the same for a small rocket. All Jupiter rockets 6ft and under use three 24mm Estes Motors that pack a punch, the motor holder tilts the motors outward for a more stable and safe flight. We will most likely make all plastic parts in the house. We have taken everything into consideration, so if you follow the instructions; all you'll have to worry about is getting a good angle for the flight.

We will have an order form on this website (Coming soon)

This business is still in development.
Expect some changes and your orders are highly likely to arrive from April-May 2021. Do not worry because the best time for launching rockets is between May and November.

What is/isn't included in the kit?

What isn't included

Since we are just starting up, our jupiter kit does not include some key ingredients, these are the engines, the launch controller, the parachute and the launch pad. Our rockets were designed for 24 mm estes rocket motors. please only use the ones listed below;

Estes E12-4
Estes E12-6

Get engines cheaper and without shipping costs at your local Hobby Lobby!

You will need three of each engine per launch along with the plugs and igniters(included in the estes engine packs)

You will need an Estes pro series II luanch controller

You will also need an Estes Nylon parachute.

Lastly, you will need an Estes Porta Pad-E Luanch Pad

What is included in the kit?

We include the complex PETG plastic tri-engine mount, An innovative and cool parachute deployment room, the nosecone, body tube connecters, body tubes, an instruction manual with qr codes for video versions of the instructions, and any exteras you decide to ask for(decal stickers, pre-painted tubes, t-shirts, ect.)