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Welcome to our website! Here at Delta Model Rockets, we make high quality, very customizable; awesome model rockets. We were dissatisfied by model rockets that broke on the first flight. This is why we present to you; high quality model rockets. Our model rockets are built to last. Our model rockets are well made and won't break on you, so all you have to worry about is getting a good angle of your launch.

Our model rockets can pack a punch for a super cool launch while still being safe. Safety is a main consideration. Our high quality ensures that our rockets will be safe as nothing falls apart. There is less risk of user error due to the small amount of easy to assemble parts. We also design our rockets to have extremely stable flights. Enjoy and be safe!

Delta Model Rockets is not liable for malfunction or safety hazards due to user error, misuse, abuse, flying under the influence, or other no-no's of the sort. Use your common sense, rockets can be dangerous so please use our products with care and safety. Product intended for ages 9-75. do not use under five years of age. Do not use if you have a lengthened reaction time, vision, hearing, or surrounding awareness issue. Essentially, don't use if you can't, you need to be awake and alert to safely use this product.
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